The Babolat connected racket parallel with the business performance

The Babolat connected racket parallel with the business performance.

Passionate about tennis and reel competitor (now more in my soul than on courts) I recently had the opportunity to test the 2014 novelty, the French Babolat Play & Connect racket.

This racket is equipped with light sensors that do not modify neither its weight nor its balance and saves data on the qualification of the shot (forehand, backhand and service), the effects on ball, centering the ball on the racket sieve and the power of the game and service.

data transmission is done by USB / Bluetooth for smartphones, tabs and computers.

The program that analyzes and processes the data can be connected with a community platform for networking and analysing data online. Equipped with the racket Play & Connect players can challenge, comment, share and help each other.

Beyond the technological and innovative aspect for any tennis player, the parallel with the corporate world and Business Intelligence called me out immediately.

The goal of such a racket is to improve, and it’s the same thing for any company (I hope) and that was the Eric Babolat’s slogan during its launch: « everything that can be measured can be improved ».

Amateur tennis players get 2 indicators for measure: the end of a match (I win, I lose) and year-end ranking (I ride, I go down, I’m holding myself).

During a season how many times (and some will recognize themselves) we hear: « ... today I « feel » my shots, I serve well, my backhand is improving, I didn't put a ball in the court, I do not understand why I lost... ». Few data are objective and related to relevant measures, because only professionals have an external view (their coach) or statistics related to their games.

Business indicators are sometimes very limited : business won or lost (matches), and the year-end balance sheet (annual ranking) more a few indicators that lurking in Excel files !

We need measures, dimensions, and information continuously to see if we are improving and how.

Large companies are equipped as professional tennis but not always or without comprehensive approach, smaller businesses work often by « feelings » as the amateur tennis player.

This simplistic parallel to remind the importance of dashboards and of their usefulness on a daily basis to improve business.

« Everything is measured can be improved »

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