Bull chooses DigDash Enterprise to complements its software solutions

Bull and DigDash have signed a partnership agreement, under the terms of which Bull will integrate the DigDash Enterprise module into its Coriolis and Sirus software suites, to enable the development and publication of even more effective dashboards. DigDash is the publisher behind DigDash Enterprise, which enables dynamic dashboards for SMEs and larger organizations to be developed.

The software, based on a ‘full-web’ architecture, can be implemented in the Cloud and its ability to process data from a wide range of different sources means it can effectively be integrated into any available financial software package.

Bull’s decision to use the DigDash Enterprise software with its Coriolis and Sirus solutions will allow is to significantly raise our profile in the public finance and local authority sector, where the need for good oversight is primordial.” said Eric Gavoty, Vice-President Sales & Marketing at DigDash.

Bull has built up recognized sector expertise most notably in telecoms, finance and the public sector. In this last field, Bull delivers solutions for central government (including for taxation and customs, on-line administrative processes, healthcare, postal and mail automation solutions) as well as for local authorities (financial management, social welfare, citizen relationship management...).

Coriolis is the Group's comprehensive financial management solution – secure, customizable and suitable for managing multiple authorities and multiple budgets – it uses both standard accounting and LOFL classifications, for both budget preparation and execution. Sirus, which has been a Bull subsidiary since 2008, publishes Genesis, a complete solution to address social welfare management challenges in local authorities, especially at the level of individual départements in France.

"Our customers want access to indicators that give them a coherent overview of their business activities, both for regulatory and management requirements. It was easy to integrate DigDash Enterprise into our solutions. DigDash Enterprise runs in Web mode and uses industry standards, and their R&D is close to our development centers, which made for effective collaboration between our teams." affirmed Dominique Gerbod, Director of Bull's Software Publishing business unit.

The combined solution has already won over many customers. Jean François Miramon, IT Manager at the Council for the Lozère département commented : "We need a global view of our activities. The Bull Coriolis solution allows us to build dashboards using the data from our financial software What's more, because DigDash Enterprise is so open, we can also incorporate data from other applications, especially SAP BusinessObjects reports, which will give us an across-the-board view of the council's various business activities."

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