DigDash Enterprise 2018 is available !

Like every year, the update of DigDash Enterprise is available. In terms of improvements have been made to the dashboard, graphs and data models!

In this article, we present the enhancements and new features of DigDash Enterprise version 2018.

New features brought to the dashboard

You can now subscribe to comments posted on the graphs. You will then receive notifications by email when adding comments. You can also send comments directly to the users of your choice.

If you work in a multilingual environment, you can also translate your comments into multiple languages.

Creating a dashboard becomes easier: A graphical aid allows you to position the objects in the dashboard and easily align the objects with each other (left, right, ...)

You can also easily create buttons that trigger actions (filters, graphs refresh, etc.).

In addition, it is now possible to undo the actions performed in the dashboard editor by using the standard Ctrl + Z shortcut.

A measure selector has been added. It allows to choose the measures to display on the graphs.

It is also possible to select dimension members from a list with checkboxes

New options have also been added to the graph display in the dashboard. Thus, you can click on an icon to display the legend of the graphs.

A menu has also been added to define the scope of the filters (common to several pages or roles for example).

In terms of security, a menu makes it possible to restrict access to the pages and objects of the dashboard to certain users.

New features brought to graphs

You can now use infographics in graphs.

The use of color gradients in graphs is now possible.

Ring graphs have been improved. In particular, you can set the center of the graph and add an icon, a text, a total, etc.

It is now possible to use measurements to define the minimum and maximum of the graph scale.

Finally, DigDash enriches its multilingual support. You can therefore translate the labels and tooltips of the graphs as well as the categories in which you place your graphs.

Self service BI

The Self Service BI is enriched with new functions making it easy to perform percentage or rank calculations (% of total,% measures, rank,% progression).

Natural language queries have also been improved and now support objectives and aggregations. You can therefore make requests of the type "Max Marge by product in tabular form" or "Target margin by product" to visualize the achievement of your objective on the margin.

Data models

DigDash version 2018 offers you to perform analysis of sets. These sets make it possible to group elements meeting the same criteria. For example, the top 100 customers in terms of turnover in September did not buy anything in October.

In addition, a PDF factory is now available. Similar to the PPT factory, the PDF factory allows you to automatically build PDF documents containing graphics generated by DigDash.

The PowerPoint factory has also been improved. Buttons allow you to resize and align the graphs between them easily. A preview has also been added.

Creating join templates has been simplified, with DigDash now supporting automatic join detection.

Finally, an R data transformer has also been added to run R scripts on a RServe server.


In terms of configuration, DigDash Enterprise now supports the HDFS document server type.

It is also possible to import documents in Google Sheets format.

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